Useful Info.

When is it best for my baby to be photographed?

This depends on what type of images you want. If you want your newborn baby captured as a lovely cuddly nudie bundle this needs to be done when they are between 5-10 days old (before they loose their natural desire to be all curled up), otherwise anytime is a good time!

The time of the shoot can be booked to suit your needs. For newborns the time is less important. What is important is that they are fed just before a shoot to make sure they are nice and sleepy! With older babies, it is best if they can have had their nap just before the session (and a feed depending on the age of the baby) so that they are awake, alert and hopefully smiley. But don’t worry, I know that babies will be babies and on the day they may just not be playing ball – we usually manage to get some great shots, even if the carefully planed routine hasn’t gone to plan!

Where does the shoot take place?

I do most of my shooting in my home studio as this enables me to set up before you arrive. It also enables me to be able to offer a wider range of props on the day and can ensure that the studio environment is the perfect temperature to keep your baby happy (and sleepy if it is a newborn shoot). If you want a more natural/lifestyle shoot for an older child (and the weather permits!) we can meet in an outdoor location to capture less formal, more playful images.

I can come to your own home if you want a newborn shoot but are not able to drive after a caesarean. I will discuss with you prior to the session what sort of images you would like and what props you may want. I bring portable studio lights but need you to have a suitable space to set up and something soft to lay baby on. A lounge is often the best place and a settee cushion is perfect for little newborns.

How long is a shoot?

There is never a time limit to a shoot as the babies or children usually dictate this. I keep going while they are happy and we can stop as often as necessary to feed and have a break if they are getting a little restless. It is best to be prepared to stay for around 2 hours.

What props are available?

Using props in some of the photos can look very special and can make the pictures more personal to you. For this reason, I like to ask clients to bring along their own props if possible. For a newborn or young baby, such things may include a special blanket or a favourite soft toy. I have a number of knitted baby hats for boys and girls, and a couple of girls’ headbands. I also have some cushions and baskets to help vary the poses.

For an older baby or toddler props can be a lot more varied – if he or she has a special chair, a favourite hat or sunglasses, a pushchair, a truck or ball… basically anything that he or she enjoys, bring it along. The more playful the shoot the better the images!

What to wear

If you want a family portrait as part of your shoot then dressing your baby in something plain and simple works best. (Patterned, fancy or bold colours really don’t work well in photos for newborn babies).

It is important that you and your partner also coordinate your clothing, bearing in mind that solid colour works better than patterns.

Something that is very easily overlooked as a busy parent is the condition of your hands. One of the cutest shots is getting tiny baby hand with parents’ hands so if you have the time, make sure your hands are looking their best!

Is there anything I need to do before the shoot?

The only essential thing you need to do is to have a chat with me prior to the shoot to discuss what sort of images you would like. Whilst some photographers have a specific style for all their shoots, I like to be flexible to cater for different tastes, whether it be black and white or warm and natural.

How to book

You can contact me by phone, email or by filling in the contact form on the website. I will then email you a booking form which I ask you to complete and email back. You must pay the session fee by an online bank transfer at the same time as emailing the booking form as this secures your booking.

What happens after the shoot?

If you are happy for me to do so, I will upload a small selection of the images to my website within 24 hours to give you a sneaky peek!

I aim to have all the photos edited and ready for viewing within a week of the shoot. I then email you thumbnail copies for you to look through and decide what it is that you would like. Please note that the session fee does not include any images. To make a purchase all you need to do is email me back the products form with your choice and make payment online. Orders will be processed as soon as payment is received. Products are usually sent out in the post unless other arrangements have been made.